State-of-the-Art Digital Learning Experiences with Digital Education Strategies (DES)

Digital Education Strategies (DES) is the centralized distance education unit of the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. We create relevant, immersive, and engaging digital environments for learners at any life stage and in any location. Since 1999, our team has been at the forefront of the evolution of eLearning, evaluating and implementing cutting-edge and effective experiences for our partners.

Development of eLearning Courses

Professional Development for Instructors

Instructional Design Support

Game Based Learning

Educational Game Design

Innovative Learning and Teaching Tools

Innovative Learning/Teaching Tools

Multimedia Production for Education

Case Studies

The production process at Digital Education Strategies (DES) has evolved to meet the ever-growing demands for eLearning. Whether we’re working with our academic partners or other commercial and institutional collaborators, our rigorous approach ensures a consistently high level of quality in all of our courses and tools, giving learners the practical and up-to-date skills they need.


Hands-on nursing experience through video game simulations


Enhancing online teaching and facilitation skills

Lake Devo

Role-Play’s the Thing: Making students active participants in their learning

The Art of Serious Game Design

A framework and methodology that aides multidisciplinary teams in the pre-production stage of serious game design

Web Accessibility MOOC Series

MOOCs on Professional Web Accessibility auditing, Digital Accessibility as a Business Practice, and coding

How Journalism Matters

Innovative journalism course for content delivery that deeply immerses the learner into the world of TV journalism

Awards and Recognition

DES and The Chang School’s innovative digital learning initiatives have been consistently recognized for excellence in content development, digital media, and program design.